DALTI - images and data are efficiently and securely at the disposal on all work stations.

What is making a good image distribution ?

  • An efficient image distribution puts all data at the disposal at any place, yet preserves the security issues.
  • Access rights are configurable on user and group levels.
  • An intuitive tool allows flexibly the local administrator to create new users with their respective security data, or to run by himself the necessary modifications.


Decentralized reporting (e.g. home office), exchange with colleagues (e.g. second opinion), exchange with referring physicians:

The modules WebDALTI and TeleDALTI provide the remote exchange of data, images and reports, and uses optimally the telecommunications resources.

Home viewing

The home viewing and reporting is facilitated by some features of DALTI, minimizing the waiting time, for instance in case of narrow bandwidth.

Reception and viewing of all kinds of data (images + reports + other data)

DALTI Web-Server

All data accessible everywhere

Any internet user can access the data, depending on the configurable access rights.

Texts can be modified as well by their authorized author, as long as the final validation is pending.

DALTI - module 'WebBroDALTI'

Simple and available everywhere

Limited by the security regulations, all data can be accessed with any kind of web browser in the most simple way.

DALTI - module 'WebDALTI'

Remote reporting, like on a workstation

While possibilities via WebBroDALTI are limited, a performing application named WebDALTI can be installed on the webclient PC;
it fetches all data via web, yet provides the same surface and viewing features as the workstation.